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STOTT PILATES® Instructor Spotlight: Brigitte Wrenn

Brigitte Wrenn

Brigitte Wrenn is a Lead Instructor Trainer at the Merrithew™ Licensed Training Centre in central London, delivering courses in STOTT PILATES, ZEN•GA® and Total Barre®.

Brigitte has studied all forms of exercise for over 20 years, ranging from aerobics and fitness to Pilates and yoga, and has learnt that the balanced approach to working out is the most effective way to keep the mind and body strong and agile.

“I started my career in health and fitness over 20 years ago, working as a personal trainer, aerobics and dance teacher and fitness manager. With a background in gymnastics and dance, I took up Pilates and yoga to balance all the high-energy exercise that I was doing, and really loved the different pace and mindful connection.

I chose to train with STOTT PILATES as the approach updated the original ground-breaking work of Joseph Pilates with modern scientific understanding of the body. Becoming an Instructor Trainer a few years later was the next step, and I always aspired to opening my own studio.

It took a few more years to finally realize that dream, but in 2013 my partner Pete and I opened the Bamboo Fitness Pilates Academy in Crystal Palace, London. After a successful period of growth and a little bit of risk, we opened a second studio with a focus on Total Barre, hot yoga and personal training.

Merrithew equipment is perfect for our studios, as it is so robust and durable. It can certainly handle the pressure of over 50 classes per week.”

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