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Mindful Connection


Instructor Spotlight: Caroline Berger
How a single Pilates class inspired a career in mindful movement for Caroline
Ask the Expert: Find out more about Fascia
Master IT and Merrithew Co-founder Moira Merrithew speaks about fascia
3 Tips for Integrating Mindful Movement into your Programming
When clients become more aware of their bodies through mindful movement, they improve their form, reduce injuries and enhance their fitness
Spot the Difference: Cat Hinge on the Reformer
STOTT PILATES Instructor Geure (Andrea) Bang performs the Cat Hinge on the Reformer
Upcoming Events Round-Up
Merrithew conferences and tradeshows offer something for everyone from continuing educating to networking
Exercise of the Month: Pelvic Rotation with Hip Abduction
Lead Instructor Trainer Leslie Wall breaks down Pelvic Rotation with Hip Abduction for a better understanding of the exercise
Ask the Expert: How do I keep my Reformer rails and rollers clean?
A step-by-step process for keeping both At-Home or Professional Reformers clean and working optimally
Recap of the Korea Mindful Movement Symposium
Our first ever Merrithew Mindful Movement Symposium in Seoul, Korea recently commenced and we couldn’t be happier
Instructor Spotlight: Helena Chang
Helena’s career didn’t begin in the realm of mindful movement. Rather, she started with massage therapy