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28 Days of Mindfulness

DAY 11

Three Merrithew Classic Workouts – for free!

Build a stronger and more balanced body with these three classic workouts from the STOTT PILATES® repertoire.

Keep active this long weekend with three classic workouts from the STOTT PILATES® repertoire on Merrithew Connect. Stream the workouts for free whenever you want, no matter where you are.

  1. Get an intense full-body challenge with the STOTT PILATES Mini Stability Ball Workout
  2. Target the core, arms and legs with the STOTT PILATES Intense Sculpting Challenge
  3. And brighten up your morning with the STOTT PILATES Morning Mobilizer

Create your account now and use promo code KEEPMOVING for free access — no credit card required.

Let’s keep moving, together!

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