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Media Coverage

Learn about why MERRITHEW™ is considered an industry expert and thought leader as we continue to educate on all that is health and fitness.


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Company Profiles

A Complementary Couple Pilates Style
Make Mindfulness Your New Year's Resolution Merrithew Health & Fitness
Our World Tour Kicks off in Cologne, Germany! Merrithew Health & Fitness
Value Proposition Merrithew Club Business International
The Best in the Industry Can-Fit-Pro
The One for All Club Business International
Icons & Innovators: Building an Industry IDEA Fitness Journal
STOTT PILATES: A Canadian Success Story Fitness Business Canada

Rehab Specific

Put Your Back Into It
Finding Relief From Chronic Pain Club Solutions
Pilates Fitness Continuum Rehab Management
Pilates for Post-Rehabilitation OnSite Fitness
Reclaim Your Life Your Health Monthly
Pilates for the PT Community OnSite Fitness
Pilates for Rehab Conditioning Fitness Management

Sport Conditioning

Fitness Trends vs Fitness Classics (PDF) Can-Fit-Pro Magazine
Pilates Takes the Field Pilates Style
Mind, Body and Core Can-Fit-Pro Magazine
Pilates for Winter Sports Can-Fit-Pro Magazine
Jock of Ages Pilates Style
Pilates does the Body good - Inside and Out! Can-Fit-Pro
Pilates Matwork for Athletes OnSite Fitness
A Mat for All Seasons Training & Conditioning
Pilates for Golf OnSite Fitness
Pilates for Dancers Preview
Pilates for the Sports Guy Beyond Fitness

Active Aging & Youth Fitness

Pilates Safety Concerns For Older Adults IDEAfit
Pilates For Seniors OnSite Fitness
Being Active for Life CanFitPro
Parent Guide For Health Parent Guide
How to Set Up a Pilates Studio for the Active Aging The Journal on Active Aging
 Mind Body Kids Can-Fit-Pro