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Foam Roller, Soft (Density) - 36"
Foam Roller, Soft (Density) - 36"
Stock#: ST06169
List Price: $49.99 (US)
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If you’ve found foam rolling to be too aggressive in the past, we’ve designed the soft density version with you in mind! Enjoy the benefits of foam rolling with a gentler touch that enables you to apply more or less pressure on the targeted area as needed. Foam rolling allows you to rehydrate your connective tissue and can provide an all-over massage to calm the nervous system. Includes BONUS Exercise Guide.
  • Rounded corners on the Foam Roller™ add to the comfort level
  • Features a unique, texturized non-slip surface to reinforce stability and movement effectiveness while providing a gentle massage.
  • Strengthen deep support muscles to help stabilize the spine Provide proprioceptive challenge
  • Relieve tension
Length 92 cm 36 in
Diamater 15 cm 6 in
For our full equipment warranty, please see our warranty terms and conditions.

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