Non-Latex Flex-Band® - Extra

Non-Latex Flex-Band® - Extra
Non-Latex Flex-Band® - Extra
Non-Latex Flex-Band® - Extra 5.0 1 1 review
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Incorporate this ultimate sculpting tool, the Flex-Band®, into your matwork routine to add upper and lower body resistance training into your workout. Simulate the flexibility and resistance exercises performed on the Reformer with this extra-strength (lime), 198cm (6’5”) long, non-toxic, recyclable Flex-Band. Includes BONUS Exercise Guide.
  • CARE

Sculpt and tone your body using the economical and effective Flex-Band® Exerciser. Change your body by boosting muscular endurance, targeting specific muscle groups and increasing your fat-burning capacity.

Also available as a value-pack: Flex-Band® Non-Latex Three-Pack with DVD

Care & Cleaning

  • Maintain control of the Flex-Band at all times while exercising
  • Do not use the Flex-Band if it appears worn or damaged; always check for small cuts or nicks before each use.
  • To extend the life of the band, store in a dry location away from direct sunlight.
  • Never use corrosive cleaning products on Flex-band.
  • If necessary, clean dirty spots with a combination of tea tree oil and water on a lightly moistened cloth.
  • For heavy commercial use replace after 6-12 months.
Length 198 cm 6'5"
Width 15 cm 6"
  • Non-latex
  • Hypo-allergenic

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Flex-Band Exerciser Non-Latex Extra (Lime) EN/FR 5

Small, light & very versatile!

By , CA, US on May 24, 2016

I love the length of the MERRITHEW™ Flex-Band® because you can do so many exercises and stretching variations with it. If I do bring a prop for outdoor workouts it would be this because it is small, light and very versatile.

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Non Latex Flex-Band™ - 3 Pack with DVD
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