Toning Ball Two-Pack - 3 lbs (lime)

Toning Ball Two-Pack - 3 lbs (lime)
Toning Ball Two-Pack - 3 lbs (lime)
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Everyone’s favorite Toning Balls™ are now available in pairs! Tone your entire body with these versatile and pliable hand weights. Portable and easily incorporated into a variety of targeted sculpting exercises that result in healthy muscles without the bulk. Perfect to increase the intensity of matwork or equipment-based routines, these Toning Balls also bring awareness to shoulder girdle stability. Includes BONUS Exercise Guide.

BONUS: Includes a link to a free online exercise guide!

Also available as a value-pack: Toning Ball™ Power Pack

Care & Cleaning

  • Store in a dry location away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store anything on top of the Toning Balls as it may cause the ball to deflate.
  • Keep away from direct heat.
  • Never use corrosive cleaning products on ball.
  • If necessary, clean the Toning Ball with a combination of tea tree oil* and water. A mixture of mild soap and water can be used to remove more persistent dirt.
  • Do not stack more than 3 high.
  • For hard/deflated balls - use a standard basketball/soccer ball pump, insert pin into valve and fill to desired firmness.
  • Weight: 2x3lb (2x1.40kg)
  • Diameter: 11cm (4.3”)
  • PVC shell
  • Filled with iron sand

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