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Cadillac Spring Package
Cadillac Spring Package
Stock#: ST05059
List Price: $650.00 (US)
Your Price $650.00 (US)
Buy the package and save! A full set of replacement springs for the STOTT PILATES® Cadillac. All springs are nickel-plated and heat-treated to protect the base material of the spring. This ensures the quality and integrity of its tension throughout its life. We recommend that all springs are changed every two years.

Package Includes:

  • 2 Leg Springs (white)
  • 4 Push-Thru Springs (blue) with Spring Clips
  • 2 Trapeze Springs (red)
  • 2 Roll-Down Springs (black)
  • 2 Light Arm Springs (yellow)
  • Leg Spring: overall length 22” (55.9 cm), initial tension of 3.5 lbs, spring rate of .625 lb/inch
  • Push-thru Spring: overall length 18” (45.7 cm), initial tension of 6.688 lbs, spring rate of 1.157 lb/inch
  • Trapeze Spring: overall length of the Spring is 18” (45.7 cm), initial tension of 14.75 lbs, spring rate of 3.888 lb/inch
  • Roll-down Spring: overall length of the spring is 19” (48.2 cm), initial tension of 3.2 lbs, spring rate of 0.495 lb/inch
  • Light Arm Spring: overall length of the spring is 19” (48.2 cm), initial tension of 2.717 lbs, spring rate of 0.378 lb/inch
2 Years: All springs

For our full equipment warranty, please see our warranty terms and conditions.

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Leg Spring (white)
Leg Spring (white)
Push-thru Spring (blue)
Push-thru Spring (blue)
Trapeze Spring (red)
Trapeze Spring (red)
Roll-down Spring (black)
Roll-down Spring (black)