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Halo Trainer

Halo Trainer
Halo Trainer
Stock#: ST02208
List Price: $89.99 (US)
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Breathe new life into your Stability Ball™ workouts with the HALO® Trainer! The Halo® Trainer is a great tool to help achieve a variety of fitness or rehab goals. This versatile, free-standing, friction-fitting piece of equipment provides a multi-dimensional approach to functional training. Its ergonomic handlebars improve already popular equipment such as the Stability Ball™, BOSU®* and TRX®. Workouts can start at a basic level, then, advance through a wide array of exercise variations at every level.

New and improved! With a heavier gauge frame, thicker and more durable rubber grips, this all-new Halo Trainer is muscled-up version of the original. New easy-click connectors make it easy to assemble and dissemble for travel or storage.

Great for group fitness classes. Works with any 55cm to 65cm exercise ball. Also available as a combo with the HALO Trainer with Orange Ball & Foot Pump.

"The Halo Trainer…is one of those versatile pieces of equipment that ends up being a go-to for all client levels and abilities. My clients find themselves gravitating to the Halo to vary their training, and it offers them opportunities to optimize their working level. The Halo Trainer is a fantastic addition to your training repertoire." -As reviewed by Lindsay Vastola, editor of PFP media.

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  • Core workouts for maximum efficiency
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble with easy click connectors
  • Versatile improvements on already popular equipment
  • Levels of difficulty defined for entry level to avid athlete
  • Provides opportunity for active aging programming
  • Controlled instability dampens exercise intimidation
  • Revenue-generating small group training available
  • Integrate corrective exercise into fitness for a comprehensive approach
Width 53.3cm 21"
Length 60.1cm 24"
Height 30.5cm 12"
Weight 3.4kg 7.5lbs

90 day limited warranty (workmanship/material)

For our full equipment warranty, please see our warranty terms and conditions.

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