Pilates for Beginners Kit

Pilates for Beginners Kit
Pilates for Beginners Kit
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Get started with Pilates in the comfort of your own home! The Pilates for Beginners Kit comes with everything novices need to create the perfect at-home Pilates practice. The kit includes a 6mm thick ‘Inspiration’ Pilates & Yoga Mat in teal, a Flex- Band® Exerciser (regular strength) and two DVDs: Basic Pilates, 2nd Edition and Total Body Sculpting. Get ready to build a foundation in Pilates, connecting mind and body to develop a lean and sculpted frame!

Basic Pilates 2nd Edition DVD
Develop a body that looks and feels great! Ground yourself in the essentials of STOTT PILATES® to gain proper positioning and maximum benefit from your workouts. All you need is a Pilates Mat and the desire to create flat abs, a strong back and sculpted arms and legs.

Total Body Sculpting DVD
Sculpt your entire body with this intermediate level workout, designed to improve functional fitness and challenge you with a variety of exercises that make use of the Flex-Band® and Exercise Mat. You will develop core abdominal muscles and back strength, as you simultaneously shape your arms and legs.

Flex-Band® Exerciser
Add upper and lower body resistance training into your matwork routines by incorporating the ultimate sculpting tool into your movements: the Flex-Band®. Simulate the flexibility and resistance exercises performed on the Reformer with this regular-strength (green), 198cm (6’6”) long, economical and highly effective Flex-Band®.

Pilates & Yoga Mat Wash and Care

Method 1
Fill a spray bottle with water and add 20-30 drops of tea tree oil. Spray the mat and wipe with a clean cloth. Let it air dry unrolled.

Method 2
Wipe the mat with cloth dipped in soap suds or laundry powder solution. Rinse with water and wipe dry with towel or cloth.

Method 3
Add 200mL of white vinegar to a tub of warm water and mix well. Lay the mat in the tub and soak for 30 minutes. Roll mat in a dry towel to absorb excess water.

Length 173 cm 68 in
Width 61 cm 24 in
Height 6 mm 0.25 in

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