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GP-Acuball Kit

GP-Acuball Kit
GP-Acuball Kit
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Stimulate and relax muscles, increase circulation and feel better! This Acuball®† Kit comes with the large Acuball, Acuball-mini, Easy Start Guide, Instructional DVD and the Feel It! Heat It! 190-page book. With the large and small Acuball, you’re fully equipped to begin flushing out toxins, increasing circulation and enhancing pain-free body movement in both large and small muscle groups.

Acupoints stimulate your Central Nervous System, like acupuncture does, to release natural painkilling, relaxing and mood-enhancing chemicals like enkephalins and endorphins. Those who use the Acuball®† in bed before retiring for the evening, often report enhanced feelings of relaxation and a deeper, more restful sleep.

Acuball, Large: The Acuball's specially designed acupoints and heat stimulate blood flow. As toxins release over time, the muscle itself relaxes. Direct pressure from the acupoints also massages muscle tissue and mobilizes the joints.

Acuabll Mini: The Acuball Mini's smaller nibs and harder feel make it perfect for releasing tight muscles in the smaller muscle groups of the body such as the feet, hands, shoulders, upper back, arms and forearms. It is particularly effective in the feet for the relief of painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Athletes, including golfers, runners, tennis players, use the Acuball Mini before their activities to loosen problem areas in their feet, shoulders or arms in order to enhance muscle performance and reduce the risk of injury. It's also an excellent massage tool for the neck and shoulders!

The Acuball was featured on the Dr. Oz show and Dr. Oz rated it as an "Alternative Health Must Have for Back and Neck Pain". The Acuball is used by the National Ballet of Canada, professional athletes in the NBA and NHL as well as hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

Kit includes:

  • The Acuball®†
  • The Acuball-mini
  • Easy-start guide
  • Instructional DVD
  • Feel It! Heal It! 190-page book
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • NEVER microwave the Acuball-mini
  • Only boil in water for 12 minutes

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