DVD - Cardio & Core on the Mini-Tramp (EN/FR)

DVD - Cardio & Core on the Mini-Tramp (EN/FR)
DVD - Cardio & Core on the Mini-Tramp (EN/FR)
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Try combining core Matwork and intensive cardio to help you build strength, agility and endurance. Increase your balance, coordination and dexterity. You’ll even lose weight and inches with this intense, calorie-burning workout.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Intermediate Audiences (Level 3 of 5)

LANGUAGE TRACKS: English, French

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Mini-Tramp™, Toning Balls™ and Exercise Mat

Bounce your way to a leaner and stronger body!

Working out on the gravity-defying Mini-Tramp™ is safer and burns more calories than running! By combining core Matwork and intensive cardio in this aerobic routine your balance, coordination and dexterity will increase. You'll even lose weight and inches with this intense workout!

DVD Contents

  • 26 exercises
  • Workout Time - 39 min
  • DVD Length - 75 min
  • Closed Captioning


MINI-TRAMP: Warm Up, Jump Sequence, Matwork Sequence, Jump Sequence, Leg Strength Interval, Jump Sequence, Cool Down

MATWORK: Cat Stretch, Ab Prep, Breast Stroke Prep, Shell Stretch, Hundred, Half Roll Back, Spine Twist, Single Leg Stretch, Obliques Prep, Double Leg Stretch, Shoulder Bridge Prep, Hip Lift, Swan Dive Prep, Side Kicks, Spine Stretch Forward, Swimming, Push Up, Mermaid

Bonus Features

  • A special message from the founders of STOTT PILATES®, Lindsay & Moira Merrithew
  • Review the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles
  • Bonus workout – try the next level
  • Work out with music only
  • Preview other video titles
  • Meet the instructors
  • Check out STOTT PILATES equipment
  • Learn about instructor training

Moira Merrithew, together with President and CEO of Merrithew Health & Fitness™, Lindsay G. Merrithew, has spent over two decades promoting the benefits of responsible exercise through their brands STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA™ and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. Working closely with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, they ensure all programming is aligned with current scientific and biomechanical research.

John Garey is a Master Instructor Trainer for Merrithew Health and Fitness™ and an integral member of the company’s programming team. John specializes in STOTT PILATES® and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. He is also a featured instructor in many Merrithew Health & Fitness professional and consumer DVDs sold around the world.

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