DVD - V2 Vinyasa Yoga on the V2 Max Plus Reformer, Level 2

DVD - V2 Vinyasa Yoga on the V2 Max Plus Reformer, Level 2
DVD - V2 Vinyasa Yoga on the V2 Max Plus Reformer, Level 2
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Enjoy a unique routine which focuses on stability of the body, flexibility of the joints and clarity of the mind. This second-level DVD challenges coordination and strength by adding longer static holds against the Reformer’s spring resistance. Increase the demands on your neuromuscular system and reap the benefits of strength and stamina – resulting in overall improved fitness.
Clear your mind and refine your movement

Workout Level - Intermediate (Level 4 of 5)
Language Track - English
Equipment Required - V2 Max Plus Reformer, Padded Platform Extender, Jumpboard & Vinyasa Triangle
DVD Contents
  • 41 Exercises
  • Workout Time - 53 minutes
  • DVD Length - 127 minutes

Exercises -
Runners Lunge, Breathing, Cat/Cow, Warrior 1, Revolved Prayer, Child's Pose, Warrior 2, Gate Pose, Forearm Plank – Dolphin, Forearm Plank - Dolphin with Saw, Forearm Plank - Dolphin with Pike, Straight Arm Plank High Lunge, Plank Pike, Controls Front, Pigeon Pose, Reverse Prayer, Wide Leg Forward Bend, Side Plank, Side Plank - Bend & Stretch, Plank – Tree, Star Elephant, Squat to Dog, Concave, Thread Needle, Thread Needle with Pulses, Bridge - Hamstring Curls, Bridge - Hamstring Curls - Lift & Lower Hips, Bridge - Hamstring Curls - One Leg, Forward Bend
V2 Segments Walk Dog
Down Dog to Plank
Down Dog to Plank; mod. Chatarunga
Upward Dog/Down Dog
Push Up Saw
Push Thru Bar Spinal Extension with Forward Bend
Spine Stretch Forward
Camel Pose
Staff Pose Forward Bend
Leg Presses
Supine Bridge

Bonus Features
  • five basic principles
  • work out with music only
  • special message from the founders
  • check out STOTT PILATES® equipment
  • learn about instructor training
  • Reformer features & safety
PJ O'Clair is a Master Instructor Trainer for Merrithew Health & Fitness™ and a vital member of the company's programming team. PJ specializes in STOTT Pilates®, ZEN•GA™ and CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. PJ is a featured instructor in numerous Merrithew Health & Fitness professional and consumer DVDs sold around the world.

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DVD - V2 Max Plus Programming
DVD - V2 Max Plus Programming
Jumpboard - 22inch (SPX/SPX Max)
Jumpboard - 22inch (SPX/SPX Max)
V2 Max Plus Reformer
V2 Max Plus Reformer
Padded Platform Extender
Padded Platform Extender