DVD - Stability Barre™ Training with Reformer & Cardio-Tramp®

DVD - Stability Barre™ Training with Reformer & Cardio-Tramp®
DVD - Stability Barre™ Training with Reformer & Cardio-Tramp®
DVD - Stability Barre™ Training with Reformer & Cardio-Tramp® 0.0 0 Be the first to add a review
SKU : DV81250
$35.95 (US)
$35.95 (US)
This DVD combines elements of dance with the foundational principles of STOTT PILATES® in a Reformer-based workout that will challenge the body’s strength and stability. In this unique program, the spring resistance of the Reformer along with the resilient properties of the Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder combines in a routine that will create lean, toned muscles and help you move with grace and agility.

Lengthen and strengthen with a dance inspired workout.

Workout Level – Essential (Level 2 of 5)
Language Track – English
Equipment Required – SPX® Max Reformer, Stability Barre™ and Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder

  • 42 Exercises
  • Workout Time 42 minutes
  • DVD Length  125 minutes


Exercises – Cat Stretch, Hip Rotation with Running, Plié with Rise, 2nd Position Weight Transfer, Side Bend/Squat/Weight Transfer Combo, Spine and Shoulder Extension

1st Jump Series
    Parallel Adducted Jumps
    1st Position Jumps
    Abducted Jumps
    Alternating Jumps
    Single Leg Jumps
    Bent Knee/Bicycle/Develop

Feet In Straps
    Bend and Stretch/Lift & Lower/Walking
    Lateral Rotation
    Bend and Stretch/Lift & Lower/Stag

Mid Back Series
    Tricep-Reciprical Legs
    Forty-Five Legs Table Top
    Lateral Rotation
    Alternate Arm Circle
    With Thoracic Flexion

Standing Back Exercise
    Scapulae Isolation
    With Rotation and Cat Stretch

2nd Jump Series
    Parallel Jumps
    Side to Side Jumps
    Cross Country Jumps
     2nd Position Jumps
    2nd Position Alternating Jumps

Kneeling Lunge – Side Arm Work
    Backhand with Rotation
    Kneeling Horizontal Abduction
     Rotation with Porte de bras
Attitude with Knee Drop Combo

Third Jump Series
    Beats – Double Beat Jumps
    Single Leg
    Stag/Frog Alternating
Standing Push Up, Scooter Variation, Side Splits, Skater, Single Leg Stretch
Bonus Features

  • Review the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles
  • Work out with music only
  • Special Message from the Founders
  • Check out MERRITHEW™ equipment
  • Learn about Instructor Training
  • Reformer Features & Safety
  • Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder & Jumpboard Features & Benefits
  • Stability Barre™ Features & Safety
Heather Lawson is an Instructor Trainer for MERRITHEW™, and a member of the company’s programming team. Heather specializes in STOTT PILATES® and Total Barre™ training, and is featured in a selection of MERRITHEW™ professional and consumer fitness DVDs.

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