DVD - Strength & Endurance, Matwork with Props

DVD - Strength & Endurance, Matwork with Props
DVD - Strength & Endurance, Matwork with Props
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Good body awareness allows you to move more efficiently during all activities. With the addition of light equipment like the Fitness Circle® and Toning Balls™, improve overall muscular strength and endurance, increase total body awareness, and develop stability, balance and flexibility.

Increase body awareness and improve strength & endurance!

Workout Level - Intermediate (Level 3 of 5)
Language Track - English
Equipment Required - Mat, Fitness Circle® and Toning Balls™
DVD Contents
  • 25 Exercises
  • Workout Time - 46 minutes
  • DVD Length - 103 minutes

Exercises -
Breathing, Elevation & Depression, Elevation & Depression with Pulses, Side Lying Rotation with Arm Circles
Hip Rolls - Heels Down
One Leg Tabletop
Head Nods
Ab Prep - Elbows Flexed
Arm Reach to Knees
Arms Overhead
Breast Stroke Preps - Arms Forward
Arms Overhead
Half Roll Back - Arms Overhead
Arms Overhead with Pulses
Half Roll Up - Prep
with Pulses
Cat Stretch - Articulation
Knees Off
with Flexion & Extension
Rolling Like A Ball - Knees Flexed
Knees Extend
Holding Ankles
Single Leg Stretch - with Pulses
with Obliques
Obliques - Feet Down
Legs Tabletop
Shoulder Bridge Prep - Fitness Circle around Knees
Spine Twist - Punch Forward
Throw Forward
Throw Forward with Flexion
Double Leg Stretch - Legs only
with Arms & Legs
Teaser Prep - Feet Down
Leg on Diagonal
Side Leg Lift Series - Arm to ceiling
Arm Overhead
Staggered Leg Lift with Triceps
Lateral Flexion
Squats - Pec Press
with Rotation
Balance with Lunge - Knee Lift
With Rotation
Keeping Knee Lifted
Tricep Throw - Throw
with Flexion
Lateral Flexion Stretch, Lateral Flexion Stretch with Rotation and Roll Down

Bonus Features
  • five basic principles
  • work out with music only
  • special message from the founders
  • check out STOTT PILATES® equipment
  • learn about instructor training
John Garey is a Master Instructor Trainer for Merrithew Health and Fitness™ and an integral member of the company’s programming team. John specializes in STOTT PILATES® and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. He is also a featured instructor in many Merrithew Health & Fitness™ professional and consumer DVDs sold around the world.

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Eco-Deluxe Pilates Mat (blue/black)
Eco-Deluxe Pilates Mat (blue/black)
Fitness Circle Pro, 12inch (purple)
Fitness Circle Pro, 12inch (purple)
Toning Ball Two-Pack - 2 lbs (lemon)
Toning Ball Two-Pack - 2 lbs (lemon)
Soft Dumbbells, Pair  3.3 lbs (1.65 lbs ea) (lemon)
Soft Dumbbells, Pair 3.3 lbs (1.65 lbs ea) (lemon)