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DVD - Body & Soul

DVD - Body & Soul
DVD - Body & Soul
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Increase strength and flexibility through a series of defined poses, concentrated breathing and graceful stretches. The goal of each exercise is to invigorate the body and quiet the mind. With an Exercise Mat, Yoga block and our 48-minute workout, enjoy heightened concentration while blending STOTT PILATES® with Yoga principles.

INSTRUCTIONAL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced audiences (Level 4 of 5)


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Exercise Mat, Yoga block

Increase your strength, flexibility and stamina merging STOTT PILATES® with Yoga principles.

Through a series of defined poses, concentrated breathing and graceful stretches, you'll challenge your upper body, lower body and torso.

Drawing on her mind-body experience, Master Instructor Trainer, PJ O’Clair, presents a program that leaves you feeling toned, centered and confident. Modifications, visualizations and clear cueing help motivate you through a sequence of stretches as you invigorate the body and quiet the mind.

DVD Contents

  • 14 exercises
  • Workout Time - 48 min
  • DVD Length - 106 min
  • Closed captioning


EXERCISES: Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Back Bend, Warrior Series, Warrior Series with Thunderbolt, Forward Bend, Triangle Pose, Side Bend, Tree, Hero, Twist, Shoulder Stand, Plow, Revolving Abdomen, Savasana

Bonus Features

  • Bonus workout – Try the next level!
  • Work out with music only
  • Discover STOTT PILATES® equipment
  • Learn about STOTT PILATES instructor courses
  • Five Basic Principles

PJ O'Clair is a Master Instructor Trainer for Merrithew Health and Fitness™ and a vital member of the company’s programming team. PJ specializes in STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA™ and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. PJ is a featured instructor in numerous Merrithew Health & Fitness professional and consumer DVDs sold around the world

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