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Deluxe Pilates Mat (blue) + 4 Matwork At Home DVDs
Deluxe Pilates Mat (blue) + 4 Matwork At Home DVDs
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List Price: $99.99 (US)
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The commercial-quality Deluxe Mat Combo includes the blue Deluxe Pilates Mat, The Secret to Flat Abs DVD, the Firm & Fit DVD, Core Challenge DVD, and Strong & Streamlined DVD. This closed-cell foam mat keeps your workout comfortable as you tone and energize your mind, body and soul. The four DVDs provide numerous exercise options. Enjoy the variety and the savings!

This club-quality mat can be easily rolled up, making it a great option for multi-use facilities. Its durable, cushion construction is designed to protect your spine and soften hard surfaces. Use this premium mat with the challenging Matwork At Home DVDs in this kit to increase your fitness, tone your body, and enjoy a wide variety of exercises.

Wash and Care: To clean this mat use a mixture of tea tree oil and water and wipe down with a cloth.

The Secret to Flat Abs DVD

Find the flatter, firmer abs you’ve always wanted with this beginner level workout. Designed for use with the Exercise Mat, this DVD will teach you how to strengthen your abdominals, back and torso while enhancing your mobility, flexibility and agility. Develop healthy postural alignment and learn to release your stress through controlled breathing.

Workout Level – Beginners (Level 1 of 5)

Firm & Fit DVD

With a focus on controlled movements and regulated breathing, this flowing repertoire of stretching, strengthening and stabilizing exercises will get you firm, fit and flexible. Led by Master Instructor Trainer, Moira Merrithew, this program will challenge your mind and body to move more freely in sport and daily life.

Workout Level – Intermediate (Level 2 of 5)

Core Challenge DVD

Enjoy an intensive array of Mat exercises based on the STOTT PILATES® contemporary approach to Pilates. Balancing upper and lower body exercises, this fast-paced routine will help you achieve optimal strength, stability and stamina without building bulk.

Workout Level – Intermediate (Level 3 of 5)

Strong & Streamlined DVD

Enhance your mobility, agility and balance while enjoying this total-body workout designed to optimize strength, flexibility and endurance. Perfect for intermediate to advanced audiences, you’ll elongate and tone muscles without building bulk. This energizing routine will isolate and activate your core muscles.

Workout Level – Advanced (Level 4 of 5)

  • Deluxe Pilates Mat (blue); closed-cell foam
  • Width 58 cm 23"
    Length 183 cm 72"
    Height 15 cm 0.6"
  • The Secret to Flat Abs DVD
  • Firm & Fit DVD
  • Core Challenge DVD
  • Strong & Streamlined DVD

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STOTT PILATES  System 4 DVDs & 2 Flex-Bands
STOTT PILATES System 4 DVDs & 2 Flex-Bands
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Eco-Deluxe Pilates Mat (blue/black)