High-Precision Gearbar System™

As the number of people practice Pilates continues to grow exponentially, so do our offerings to accommodate every type of exerciser. Tailor your Reformer to suit an even wider variety of clientele with the High-Precision Gearbar System™*, presenting twice as many settings as the traditional system!

Complete with six different settings, the High-Precision Gearbar System features superior ergonomic spring placement, intuitively adjustable with horizontal sliders that lock into position as an added security feature. To make adjustments, simply pull two spring-loaded pins and slide the entire mechanism forward or backward and lock the gearbar into place to any of the six stopper settings.

This new system adds superior adjustability to meet user needs, with spring slots providing secure anchoring of the springs.

*Optional upgrade on all new commercial Reformer purchases

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High-Precision Gearbar Upgrade
High-Precision Gearbar Upgrade
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