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Stability Barre Workshop

Total Barre™ Modified for Special Populations

Clients with limited mobility or restricted movement need not shy away from exercise. Research shows that all active adults can benefit from exercising with music as it helps improve learning and memory, builds self-esteem, reduces stress and increases social interaction. Following the Total Barre template, appropriate biomechanical principles are taught to help with cueing, motivating and modifying safely for less mobile, active adult clients. Leave with a client program that increases flexibility, balance and postural stability. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to apply the Total Barre Foundational Principles
  2. Understand how to use the Total Barre template
  3. Discover modifications appropriate for the still active but less mobile client
  4. Explore appropriate musical beats per minute for each section of the workout and the cues and corrections for safety and effectiveness

Additional Details

Workshop Length: 2 hours
REPs 2.0
ACE 0.2
canfitpro 1.0
Level of Difficulty: Essential
Equipment used in the Workshop:

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