Reformer and Cardio Tramp® Barre Workout
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Stability Barre Workshop

STOTT PILATES® Reformer and Cardio Tramp® Barre Workout

This workshop features the exclusive Pilates Barre program designed by the MERRITHEW™ team, to develop stamina and control along with cardiovascular fitness and endurance. The Cardio-Tramp® serves as the sturdy barre support as well as a resilient platform for rebounding work. Experience how this program presents elements of dance and flexibility training with the solid foundations of STOTT PILATES® in a workout like no other.

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply the Five Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES to a variety of jumping and dance-based exercises.
  2. Understand how the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder can be used as a firm support for barre style moves.
  3. Learn how to combine cardio intervals with standing work.
  4. Discover how to utilize the Cardio-Tramp in non-traditional training routines.

Additional Details

Workshop Length: 2 hours
REPs 2.0
Level of Difficulty: Essential
Equipment used in the Workshop:

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