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Continuing Education

We have established a Continuing Education Credit (CEC) program to help instructors stay up to date, and to offer fitness professionals an opportunity to learn more about the STOTT PILATES method. Staying current not only keeps you certified, it maintains the credibility of STOTT PILATES certification and helps you be the best instructor you can be. By helping us maintain our high standards, you are reinforcing your own good reputation.

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STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors are required to obtain six hours (0.6 credits) of Merrithew Health & Fitness™ Continuing Education Credits annually to maintain their certification. The following questions and answers help explain the program in more detail.
Q. Why maintain my certification?
A. Credible certification is becoming increasingly important to employers, insurance companies and consumers. In fact, experts agree that to ensure long-term sustainability and better service the public, the fitness industry will eventually need to make certification mandatory. STOTT PILATES Certification is well respected in the fitness industry due to our high education standards and our mission to stay on top of new research and industry advancements.
Q. Why have a Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Program?
A. The STOTT PILATES CEC Program was developed to provide all Certified Instructors and Instructor Trainers with ongoing learning opportunities to keep skills current and maintain a high quality of education. In addition, this will help you stay abreast of the latest advancements in exercise science and the Merrithew Health & Fitness repertoire.
Q. How many CECs must I earn annually?
A. STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors are required to obtain six hours (0.6 credits) CECs annually to maintain their certification.
Q. How soon after I receive my certification will I have to start earning annual CECs?
A. Every student has one full calendar year to earn their credits, beginning January 1st, the year following successful completion of your exam. For example, if you successfully complete your exam(s) in July 2012, your first CEC period begins January 1, 2013 and ends December 31, 2013. CECs are earned every year on the calendar year (Jan-Dec). CECs are not transferable from one year to another.

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Q. How do I complete my CECs?
A. You can complete your CECs through any combination of the following:
a Attend a STOTT PILATES®, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™, Total Barre™, or ZEN∙GA™ workshop or presentation at a trade show, Licensed Training Center, Hosting site, or at the MH&F Corporate Training Centers.*
b Complete a customized repertoire review with a Merrithew Health & Fitness Instructor Trainer.*
c Complete a teaching evaluation with a Merrithew Health & Fitness Instructor Trainer.*
d Take an anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology or other exercise science course or workshop. If this is a non-STOTT PILATES course it must be petitioned. A maximum of 0.2 CECs can be earned this way. The petition fee is $25.00 plus applicable taxes. Petition fee is non-refundable, regardless if approved or not. More than one non STOTT PILATES petition can be submitted however a maximum of 0.2 CEC's will be awarded once approved.

Study a Merrithew Health & Fitness DVD and submit a video (either via mail or submitted electronically through for evaluation of your teaching a selection of the subject matter to a client. DVDs are accepted but must be recorded on a brand name DVD (e.g. Sony). A petition form must accompany your video submission along with the petition fee. For every MH&F DVD you review, submit a 15-minute videotaped segment of yourself teaching the subject matter. Earn 0.1 CEC per 15 minutes (e.g. watch three videos, submit a 45-minute long segment to earn 0.3 CECs). The petition fee is US $25 | $25 CDN plus applicable taxes per 15-minute submission. (Please note that video submissions will not count towards Specialty Tracks).

* Prices may vary per facility or trade show


Q. What if I fail to earn my CECs?
A. At Merrithew Health & Fitness we believe our CEC program is an important part of being a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor. Late 2013 we launched a CEC extension program for anyone unable to complete their CEC’s by December 31. This program allows you to pay a nominal fee to obtain an extension to May 31 of the next calendar year to complete the requirements. The extension fee for 0.2 CEC’s is $25.00 plus applicable taxes and for 0.6 CEC’s $75.00 plus applicable tax.  If you fail to earn your CECs your Certification status will be changed to “not current” on the Instructor Finder at To request an extension you can send an email to

Q. If I have become “not current” on the Instructor Finder how do I make myself current?

A. If a person is more than 1 year behind in CECs, they will be required to pay a fee of $75 plus applicable taxes for 0.6 CECs per year behind, plus participate in the required CECs for years missed.   Maximum fees to be to be paid is 3 years, $225 plus 1.8 CEC must be completed.

Q. Is there an annual renewal fee?
A. There is no annual renewal fee. The cost of maintaining your CEC status depends on which CEC option you choose.

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Q. What does a customized repertoire review involve?

This involves booking a private session with a Merrithew Health & Fitness Instructor Trainer to review basic principles, relevant modifications and / or any Merrithew Health & Fitness exercise updates. All 0.6 CECs (6 hrs with an IT) can be earned with a customized repertoire review. Please book repertoire review sessions with the CEC Coordinator to be sure your CECs are accounted for. Please be sure to receive your CEC evaluation form from the IT and send this to Merrithew Health & Fitness along with the CEC submission form to prove your attendance.

Q. What is a teaching evaluation?

A teaching evaluation involves taking a Merrithew Health & Fitness Instructor Trainer through a workout, so that he or she can evaluate your teaching abilities and provide you with feedback. A maximum of 0.4 credits can be allocated for teaching evaluation sessions.

Q. Will my STOTT PILATES certification courses count toward my CECs?
A. STOTT PILATES Certification courses, such as Intensive Mat-Plus* and Intensive Reformer train you in the core STOTT PILATES method and exempt you from having to accumulate CECs until the following calendar year. For example, if you become certified in Matwork in December 2012 and you take a Reformer course in February 2013, you do not have to start earning CECs until January 2014.

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Q. How many credits are awarded for a STOTT PILATES workshop?
A. This is dependent on the length of the workshop.
As a rule, 0.1 credit is awarded per hour of study. For example, 3-hr workshops are worth 0.3 CECs.
Q. How do I gain credits attending Merrithew Health and Fitness workshops?
A. When taking a workshop at the MH&F Corporate Training Center or a Licensed Training Center, your credits are issued automatically upon completion. You will receive a completion letter from Merrithew Health & Fitness stating the proper CECs.

For Merrithew Health & Fitness workshops or presentations at trade shows, you are responsible for sending the documentation to the Corporate Training Center in Toronto. 
We require the following to be sent in:
BulletCEC Submission Form [click here]
BulletTrade show receipt
BulletWorkshop completion letter if pre-con was attended
Q. How do I make a submission for my CECs?
A. You are required to keep track of all your Continuing Education Credits (workshops, videos, petitions, private evaluations etc.) and retain all relevant documents. These, along with a CEC Submission Form, must be received by the MH&F Corporate Training Center by December 15 of each year.

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Q. Does the course or workshop have to be a Merrithew Health and Fitness workshop?

With the exception of successfully petitioned exercise science or anatomy-based workshops or courses (maximum 0.2 credits), all CECs must be fulfilled by attending Merrithew Health & Fitness workshops. This ensures that you build on your original training and remain up-to-date with any enhancements.

Q. How do I submit an anatomy or exercise science, non-Merrithew Health & Fitness workshop to be approved for STOTT PILATES CECs?
A. If an anatomy or exercise science course or workshop you have attended has not been previously approved for STOTT PILATES CECs, you may petition for CEC approval. Simply send the following information to Merrithew Health & Fitness for consideration:
BulletAdministration fee [US $25 | $25 CDN plus applicable taxes]
BulletCourse description/outline
BulletList of course objectives
BulletInstructor biography
BulletProof of attendance. [download a petition here]
Petitions will not be reviewed if all of the above information is not included in the submission.

All petitions must be submitted no later than December 31 for review for the current calendar year. Any petition submitted after this date will incur a backdate fee.

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Q. How will I know if my non-Merrithew Health & Fitness workshop is approved?
A. Merrithew Health & Fitness cannot guarantee that CECs will be issued for courses or workshops not pre-approved. Please allow four to six weeks for Merrithew Health and Fitness to review your request. You will receive confirmation by mail or email. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact us.
Q. Where can I find out about upcoming Merrithew Health & Fitness workshops?
A. Visit the STOTT PILATES Education or Event pages to find out about workshops at Licensed Training Centers and trade shows. As well, we often send announcements by mail and email. To be added to our mailing list, contact the MH&F Education department.
Q. Does auditing a course count toward my CECs?
A. Graduates and students are welcome to audit courses at the Merrithew Health & Fitness Certification Center in Toronto, or any Licensed Training Center. Auditing a course will not count toward your CECs, but is a great way to refresh your memory. To arrange a course audit, contact the appropriate facility.
Q. I’m not ready to take a certification course yet, what else can I do?
A. If you are a fitness or movement professional or enthusiast, you can introduce yourself to the STOTT PILATES method by attending one of our hundreds of movement or theory-based workshops. Available at the MH&F Corporate Training Center, Licensed Training Centers, hosting facilities and at fitness and mind-body conferences worldwide, these workshops will give you a taste of the vast repertoire of material. Titles cover Matwork, large and small equipment programming and special populations and each can be used to obtain Continuing Education Credits for Certified Instructors.

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