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Tour Highlights & Testimonials

Tour Highlights

Mind-body exercise can have an incredibly profound and positive impact. From Germany to Japan, China to Brazil, fitness is truly a universal language. All of the participants brought their contagious positive energy that radiated throughout the conference and enthused everyone in attendance.

Click on this infographic preview for some fun facts from the World Tour!

World Tour 2013 Infographic Preview

If you were there, we want to know your favourite moments too - visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts, comments and pictures – don’t forget to tag your friends!


“Merrithew Health & Fitness is a very innovative company that offers a large variety of training courses with very high quality that are well organized and have great value for the money. A big thank you for all of this!”

- Julia, attended in Cologne, Germany

 “This was my first large event beyond a regular workshop and I had an overall great experience. Very professional and well run. Inspirational to be a part of the bigger picture.”

- Janice, attended in New York City, USA

 “I always enjoy Merrithew Health & Fitness courses. All the instructors are enjoyable and the courses offer the most current information in an easily-usable format. All of the instructors are fun, willing to answer questions and clearly have a passion for teaching.”

- Lori, attended in Los Angeles, USA

 “This event left me feeling inspired to learn even more!”

- Ayako, attended in Osaka, Japan

“I am thoroughly impressed and very grateful to this wonderful, passionate team for their ongoing inspiration. I feel like I am on a journey with Merrithew for life!”

- Julie, attended in Melbourne, Australia