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STOTT PILATES - Instructor Brochure
STOTT PILATES® Education & Career Path Brochure

More and more personal trainers and group exercise instructors have the opportunity to expand their career paths in the Pilates field. The benefits are endless. Not only can instructors broaden their horizons in a discipline that is taking the industry by storm, but they can also retain more clients, keep their interest in "personal training" or "one-on-one" instruction, and make more money in a method that is growing in popularity every day.

To learn more about how you can successfully power your career with Pilates, get this brochure.

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STOTT PILATES - FItness Club Brochure
STOTT PILATES® Fitness Facilities Brochure

Whether your goal is to establish group exercise programs, set up a fully-equipped studio or train your staff in new fitness modalities – we go the distance to help you succeed. Our support staff will assist with everything from customized ROI analysis, training, equipment management and advice on staffing, marketing and studio layout so studios and clubs can successfully – and profitably – bring more mindful exercise to their members.

How can your club or facility benefit from a Pilates program? Find out in this brochure.

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Merrithew Home Fitness Equipment, Accessories & DVD Catalog
Home Equipment, Accessories & DVD Catalog

Enjoy studio-quality workouts in the comfort of your own home with the best-in-class equipment, designed and engineered with precision and ingenuity. Include various accessories like yoga mats, resistance equipment, exercise balls and more to intensify each work out.

Keeping fit at home has never been easier. Learn how simple and effective it can be with this brochure!

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STOTT PILATES Hosting Program Brochure
STOTT PILATES® Hosting Program Brochure

Let us deliver a Pilates workshop on-site at your facility. Whether it’s to train your own staff or for the general fitness community, this is a great opportunity to generate additional revenue, exposure and interest in your program offerings. You simply handle course registration and promotion with our support, and we’ll do the rest.

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Equipment Catalogue
Equipment Catalog

Setting up a designated space for your studio is easy with the best-in-class equipment from MERRITHEW™, designed and engineered with precision and ingenuity.  Read and look at our Reformers and Reformer accessories as well as other large equipment like the Cadillac, Stability Chairs and Barrels, mats, props and more.

Learn how simple it can be to set up your space with this brochure.

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Education for Fitness Professionals
Education for Fitness Professionals

Our mindful movement offerings illustrates the evolution of mindful movement and how our premier fitness brand, STOTT PILATES®, is the foundation upon which our new and growing mind-body modalities are based. Our programs broaden our reach in the health and fitness industry providing opportunities for personal trainers, health care professionals, group fitness instructors, athletes and other specialists to diversify their knowledge base and cater to a wider client base.

To learn more about our branded programming download the brochure.

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Equipment Price List
Equipment Price List

If you’re serious about Pilates, then we have all the equipment, DVDs and competitive pricing that you won’t want to miss. This detailed pricing catalogue will provide all necessary information for your purchasing experience to be as easy as possible.

Order now and start your journey on the Pilates path!


STOTT PILATES Specialty Tracks Brochure
STOTT PILATES® Specialty Tracks Brochure

Set yourself apart by becoming a STOTT PILATES Specialist in the field of your choice. Choose any of our eight Specialty Tracks, complete the required workshops and gain access to a whole new client base. There is no time limit on completing the components and you can earn CECs at the same time.

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CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training - Program Guide
CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™ - Program Guide

CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™ focuses on functional fitness, targeting core strength, and kinesthetic awareness, which together leads to improvements in total-body strength and power.

Learn about the Instructor Foundation Course and the various workshops in this new Program!

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ZENGA Mindful Movement – Program Guide
ZEN•GA™ – Program Guide

ZEN•GA™ is a synergistic blend of Pilates, Yoga and Dance, supported by exercise science and the newest findings in fascial fitness that brings about clarity of the mind while releasing body tension through purposeful movement.

Learn about the Instructor Foundation Courses and the various workshops in this new Program!

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Total Barre - Program Guide
Total Barre™ - Program Guide

Total Barre™ is a high-energy barre program that focuses on strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability by combining elements from Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training. Programming is driven by music which, increases coordination and improved movement.

Learn about the Instructor Foundation Course and the various workshops in this new Program!

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Halo Training - Program Guide
Halo® Training - Program Guide

Halo® Training incorporates the basic science of core-integrated body weight training. This multifunctional and three-dimensional system will empower instructors with valuable tools to help advance any client to their desired level of fitness or sport. Ideal for private or group classes.

Learn about the Instructor Foundation Course and the various workshops in this new Program!

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STOTT PILATES® Rehab Education & Equipment

Retain your clients beyond short-term recovery with the STOTT PILATES Program for healthcare professionals including Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors and Sports Medicine Doctors. Explore the choreography, modifications, indications and contraindications for STOTT PILATES rehabilitation exercises using our specially priced Rehabilitation equipment bundles.

To learn more about how you can integrate STOTT PILATES into clinical scenarios, get this brochure.

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Let us answer your frequently asked questions about Pilates and the STOTT PILATES method.

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