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Get a grip on your core with the Halo® Trainer

An evolutionary device that incorporates strength work, flexibility training, overall conditioning, injury prevention and physical and occupational treatments.

The Halo Trainer is a friction-fitting ergonomic handlebar that works individually, or with a 65 cm Stability Ball™ to advance strength, muscle endurance, proprioception and stabilization by integrating both the upper and lower body.

Halo Trainer benefits

  • Ergonomic handles with soft rubber grips make it safer and more comfortable on the wrists during exercise.

  • This free-standing, friction-fitting device can be added to popular equipment such as the Stability Ball, BOSU®** and TRX® making it a versatile tool for fitness facilities and home gyms.

  • Tested up to 800 pounds, the durable steel construction allows for use with a variety of body types and weights.

  • Snaps together in four easy clicks so you can take it with you while you travel or pack it up when not in use.

  • By using multiple positions and planes exercises can progress or regress in difficulty to meet the specific needs of the individual working out.

The Halo Trainer is perfect for

Fitness professionals, Pilates Instructors and exercise enthusiasts at home can use this simple new tool to combine body stability techniques with body weight training in various positions.

Interested in Halo Training? Read about our Halo Foundations Course and check the schedules to see where it is offered. 

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Halo Trainer with Stability Ball - Watch Now
Halo Trainer without Stability Ball - Watch Now
Origins of the Halo Trainer - Watch Now

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* HALO® is a registered trademark of HALO Rehab and Fitness, LLC.  Used under license.

** BOSU® is a registered trademark of BOSU Fitness LLC, used with permission.